trolf landschaftsarchitektur


- mit Nina Lorber, Amir Aman>
- 2004

The pixels display the output of our design and archive project: nan_published: It operates similar to a sketchbook keeping track of and storing concepts and design studies that have emerged over the last years but for different reasons never experienced any further development.Some of these ideas and designs were developed during research for commissions and competitions, others are the results of discussions and ideas within the office. Although considered inapplicable for ongoing projects they continue to intrigue and fascinate us. These concepts and sketches are entered into the nan_published project for further investigation and development.
Humour reigns within the realm of nan_published. Here we approach design in a seriously unserious manner. Imagination supersedes realism. The project provides us with the possibility to test, formulate and reformulate ideas and above all to reconsider and alter established opinions. nan_published - concepts benefit from absence of original context and programme. Crossbred with other ideas these concepts tend to evolve towards previously unexpected fields of implementation. The element of surprise becomes programmatic, unpredictability an asset.