trolf landschaftsarchitektur


- mit Nina Lorber und Amir Aman
- 2001 Wettbewerb, Special Price

The site's currently conceived disadvantage of vagueness and indeterminacy actually could prove to be its biggest asset. We decided to focus on the aspects of indeterminacy and specificity in order to obtain a strategy that could generate a maximum of unpredictable events and a minimum of programmatic specificity - thereby creating a unique site-specific condition of constant imbalance.
Accordingly, the overall identity of the site can be found somewhere in between programmatic indeterminacy and architectural specificity. Both zones, the built and the unbuilt, interact and overlap with the context in such ways that they add up to an entity that is more than the accumulation of their parts. By offering - or zapping through - unprecedented events and sensations - channels -of a highly public and unique character, the channel site will play an important role as an area of alternative urban experience, enriching Smichov as well as the metropolitan area of Prague.